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Horses for Sale

Miss Marley

Miss Marley is 13.3 hand, 8 yr old Devil's Garden Mare with gorgeous dapple bay coloring with a gorgeous long mane and her tail will be very nice too, once it grows out. She is so sweet and kind and has the best personality.

Lease Horses

Pursue equestrian interests without making a full-time commitment; ride a horse that’s tried and true; practice what you are learning in the lesson program; ease into ownership, and spend special time learning with your horse including grooming, equipment selection and other fun bonding activities—all the benefits with the feeling of owning the horse when you may not be ready or able to buy. (The lease program is by approval only)

Lease program pricing per month: 

1 day per week       $100/month
2 days per week     $185/month
3 days per week     $285/month

All participants in the lease program must be approved and must take a minimum of one lesson per week, lessons pricing listed below.   

Lesson prices with horse provided:

Private: 1/2 hour $50.00       1 hour $70.00
Group: (2-5 riders)                1 1/2 hour  $50.00


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