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Let’s Ride!

At VS Equine, we offer a comprehensive training program which emphasizes safe and enjoyable trail riding and sound horsemanship from the ground up.  We work with sensory and trail obstacles, and frequently ride out on the trail and in the wilderness.  We have also competed in many events so have the knowledge to help you reach your goals.  

Any age, breed, discipline, and skill level is welcome as our program benefits all!
We are based in Mount Shasta, California.

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Our Mission

Together Calm, Cool and Collected: this is the foundation for which a long happy relationship with your equine is built.


Calm is to be composed not disturbed, and this is important in life, but especially when dealing with Equines.  Energy is powerful, but being energized does not necessarily mean being energetic. Energy has its yin side too; it’s the calm as well as the storm.  Being energized is being connected. It is being Calm, relaxed and receptive, yet not collapsed and dull.  It is a state of “relaxed/alert and will serve you well when working with horses.


Cool is to be neither running hot, nor cold and thereby remaining grounded, or centered, right in the middle. To be cool is in fact an attitude, which keeps you and your horse centered in your being and doing, centered in every setting; not fighting your horse, but joining your horse collectively.


is an extension of “Cool.”  Collected is an action in which certain things are caused to happen and certain things are allowed to happen.  Collected is a centered state which helps movement with greater ease.  Faults arise in trying to cause what should be allowed.  Collected is efficient movement, centered in balance and harmony, emotion and thought.    

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