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Comprehensive Horse Training

The primary focus of our program is to help you be successful with your horse.  You are able to choose your discipline of riding, because we are able to work with both English and Western.  We offer a straightforward approach to all training issues, and we enjoy working with a diverse group of horses and riders.  You will learn to improve communication with your horse and to become an effective and confident rider.  We will provide you with a solid foundation of arena riding skills, which will complement your "outdoors" riding and encourage positive experiences on the trail. Competition preparation is offered, as well as sensory training and clinics covering a wide selection of topics. 


About Training

We welcome those interested in full-time training or part-time training and will work with any age and breed of horse, in a joint effort with you, the owner, to accomplish your training objectives.  Our mission is through calm, cool, collected communication so you and your horse are in sync with your roles for a long, meaningful relationship. 


We can work with your horse on impeccable ground manners, overcoming trailering issues, desensitization exercises, or preparing for any phase of competition.

In addition to sound horsemanship principles in the arena, horses in training have frequent opportunities to work trail and sensory obstacles, work on water crossings, bridges, traffic, just to name a few, and a trail course with obstacles like you might find out on the trail, ride out in our gorgeous mountains, and [by arrangement] pack into mountain and wilderness areas on our extended trips.

Training Packages

Horse Training Packages: (board included, excluding grain and supplements)
Days of training may be either training rides or lessons.
5 days training - $1150
4 days training - $1035
3 days training - $980
2 days training - $905

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