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"Ruth is a very competent and confident trainer, she gives me the confidence I need to be successful with my horse . When I have left my horse with her for training he has always come back much better at what I asked her to work on . She is someone I can trust and that I know my horse is in good hands when he is with her." 

John Hermanson from Santa Rosa, CA


OMGoodness!  Well, without Ruth I would have gotten rid of my horse a long time ago.  I went to Ruth because I had sever confidence issues (after accidents)  and wanted Newt evaluated to get her opinion about him.  She informed me that he was a good horse, push button and the issue was me!  I've ridden with Ruth about 4 years and believe her to be the best!  She pushes when I need pushing, and knows just how much to push.  She is encouraging, honest, forthright and supportive. She's great on the trail and sharing her knowledge is paramount.  My confidence has grown and although I've had some setbacks in that arena, I know she can help me through that again.  I wish Ruth was back in Sonoma County so I could continue to ride with her weekly!"

Allison Frasier from Petaluma, CA

"I rode with Ruth Van Sweden- Altes for about six years, ending only when she moved out of the area, and gained so much during that time. She was training both reining and western dressage. She is a great rider herself, and in a lesson she not only could communicate well the riding maneuvers she was conveying, but she also understood the mind of the student and how it worked with the horse he or she was riding. She is intelligent, patient, and very educated in the area of reining and other forms of horse riding. My husband and I have also been part of trail rides she and her husband have led up in the Sierra mountains, where she took care of everything the group needed, from trail knowledge to eating and drinking requirements. The only warning I can offer to upcoming students is that once you are one of her students you will ride more and won't ever want to stop being part of Ruth's group of students!" 
Pam Kaiser from Santa Rosa CA

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